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TTR ENGINEERS can perform all aspects of structural engineering including structural analysis and design for all types of building materials such as steel, concrete, masonry, timber, wood and light-gauge steel. Our experience also covers a wide range of building projects including:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Institutional
  • Storage
  • Residential
  • Churches
  • Low-rise office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of existing buildings and structures
  • Multi-Story buildings

See our services below for more of our structural engineering capabilities...


For Industrial work we can perform designs for the following:

  1. Bulk Material Handling Systems Structures and Foundations
  2. Foundations & Retaining Walls
  3. Power Plant Components Upgrades
  4. Construction Specifications and Drawings

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  1. Review and design of Egress Stair Systems and Monumental Stairs designed with steel, aluminum or stainless steel
  2. Review and design of Guardrail Systems including glass rails
  3. Review and design of Miscellaneous Metal Fabrications
  4. Structural Steel connection design

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  • Commercial Building Structural Inspections
  • Residential Structural Inspections
  • Building System Failure Analysis
  • Repair Specifications and Contractor Support
  • Forensics


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Concrete silo


  1. The design of Concrete Bins, Silos and Concrete Pedestals for Composite Elevated Tanks
  2. The design of Steel Bins and Silos


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For the one, two and three family residential markets, we provide Architects,
Owners, Builders the following services:

  1. The design of reinforced masonry and concrete basement walls and footings.
  2. Joists, header and beam designs.
  3. Braced wall analysis (per R602.10 of International Residential Code).
  4. The design of floor framing plans
  5. Designs using I-joists, glulams, laminated veneered lumber, flitch beams, sawn lumber and timber.

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