samuel d keck professional engineer

Samuel D. Keck, P.E.

Professional Engineer

Sam Keck is an alumnus of The Ohio State University, and registered P.E. in Ohio, who has been performing structural analysis, design, and review for more than 12 years.  Sam’s work at TTR is concentrated on delegated connection design for steel-framed commercial buildings, as well as field-based inspection and evaluation of existing residential structures, with more mild exposure to the firm’s other types of projects.  His previous experience includes a focus on analysis and modification design of existing telecommunications towers.

When not engineering, Sam loves to play sports, watch sports, then compile, analyze, and predict statistics for those sports.  He believes there is never a wrong time to laugh, make people laugh, or to share fun and levity with family, friends, colleagues, or even complete strangers.  Lastly, he wants to remind you that you are never too old to act like a kid from time to time, or too young to pass out caramel candies like a good grandpa would.

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